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THe latinxperience study on


October 4, 2017 at

The Oakland Museum 



Presentation of the LatinXperience Study's Findings and Implications

Salvador Acevedo

VP of Culture Strategy at Scansion and Author of the LatinXperience Study


Cynthia Taylor

Associate Director of Public Engagement, OMCA and 

Salvador Acevedo

Dialogue with the public


The LatinXperience Study was supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation.


The opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The James Irvine Foundation.


Photo, Visual, and Sound Attributions

The majority of photos and video footage were taken by Scansion Inc. Sound, music and additional photo attributions can be viewed here

Special thanks to:

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Riverside Art Museum

Arte Americas

Advisory Committee provided feedback throughout the study:

Roberto Bedoya, City of Oakland

Tamara Alvarado, School of Arts and Culture in San Jose

Leticia Buckley, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Lucero Arellano, former California Arts Council

Frank Delgado, Arte Americas, Fresno

Edgar Aguirre, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Expert Interviews:

Drew Oberjuerge, Riverside Art Museum

Elva Rodriguez, Arte Americas

Eric Romero, Riverside Art Museum

Katie Hernandez, Riverside Art Museum

Luis Arreola, Artist

Nikiko Masumoto, Farmer, Artist, Community Leader

Frank Delgado, Arte Americas

Leticia Buckley, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

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