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Arts organizations evoke experiences that make life worth living.

Meaningful experiences in the arts are not something that happen to people, quite the opposite. People usually seek out and actively look for art experiences that they deem meaningful. When an arts organization provides a way in which a particular experience is evoked, we engage with them in a deep way and they occupy an important place in our minds and hearts.  


We’ve learned that Latinos have two distinctive mindsets when they engage with the arts: the Pride Mindset and the Progress Mindset. There are also two key experiences that drive each Mindset, as well as the shared experience of Harmony.

We've learned that there are two key mindsets.

Fully aware of the cultural diversity in which they live, Latinos with the Pride Mindset are interested in strengthening their own cultural group, but at the same time they are also interested in learning about other cultural groups.

Latinos with the Progress Mindset are particularly attuned and sensitive to discover the intersections that art brings to them, so they are more educated which in turn helps them to be better equipped for life.


The arts are an opportunity to breaking from the everyday routine, feeling free of any constraints, and enjoying the company of family and friends in a festive environment that most times includes music and food. This is what Latinos define as “ambiente.”


Thanks to the arts Latinos are able to strengthen a sense of shared identity. Part of this experience includes strengthening the cultural identity of the younger generation, as well as feeling validated by other cultural groups.


The arts are the perfect vehicle for Latinos to get to know and feel a connection to their own culture as well as learn about other cultures. This experience makes them feel that they know and respect others.


Becoming a well-rounded person is a strong cultural value for Latinos. Through the art experience they are able to gain new knowledge and appreciation, which helps them to become a better version of themselves and allows them to progress.  


Through the arts Latinos are able to connect with an aesthetic experience that allows them to immerse themselves in the art form. This allows them a deep connection to themselves and to build a collective experience with others.


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"Our intention is to bring the faces of the Latino visitor, with all their complexity, in front of arts administrators and decision-makers."


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